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United Kingdom

Oxford and Cambridge have been synonymous for truly world class qualifications for decades now. English education In literature,law, sciences and management continues to charm close to about 50000 students from the Indian subcontinent every year.The big advantage is the duration of most postgraduate degrees being 1 year. Even undergraduate courses are mostly 3 years as against 4 years in USA. The possibility of a 2 year Work permit after the Masters further makes it more attractive and economically viable.

Preparing to Apply - UK admissions are relatively less stringent than USA.One can start applying around 8-12 months in advance to secure a place in a UK university. The requirements are few and the process is faster.UK universities accept electronic applications and documents thus saving the student the cost of expensive couriers.

Visa - Student visas to UK take anywhere between 10-20 days to obtain. There are no interviews.Students studying in UK on a Tier 4 student visa are allowed to work for upto 20 hours per week.

Tests required for Admission - IELTS (some universities require GMAT for Postgraduate Courses in Management)

Average Cost of Study - 10000 Great Britain Pounds per year

Average cost of Accommodation - 7000 Great Britain Pounds per year

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